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About Conner Rensch

A Nebraska native, Conner was a smart, involved leader throughout grade school and high school. Despite her intelligence and involvement, Conner was bullied by classmates and peers for her appearance and unhealthy weight. At the early age of just six-years-old, Conner started battling with acceptance, self-image and self-love.

Finding comfort in food, Conner regularly overate and continued gaining weight, leading to greater unhappiness. At age 19 and 271 pounds, Conner knew it was time to make a lifestyle change. After meeting with a nutritionist and trainer, Conner started her butterfly journey to get her weight and health on track. After two years of rigorous exercise, a specialized meal plan and fierce determination, Conner lost more than 130 pounds. For more than three years, Conner has maintained her healthy lifestyle, emphasizing the importance of weightlifting and micronutrient nutrition. 

In January 2015, Conner graced the cover of PEOPLE magazine for losing more than half her body weight. She shared her story, platform against bullying and mission to help others in Omaha middle school and high schools. She competed in and won the June 2015 World Beauty Fitness and Fashion, Inc.’s (WBFF) National competition. In August, Conner will be returning to the stage to represent the U.S.A. in WBFF’s Worlds in Las Vegas.

About My Butterfly Journey

Launched in August 2015 by Conner Rensch, My Butterfly Journey provides a nurturing, compassionate environment for those struggling with self-doubt, body image and self-love. Through a variety of mediums, Conner connects with and empowers clients through their own struggles, as she did.

My Butterfly Journey boasts an inviting and positive atmosphere, encouraging visitors to release self-doubt and insecurities while finding self-love. Walking clients through their unique journeys, Conner works to help each release their inner butterfly.

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